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Bryce Hay

Bachelor of Alcohol and Drug Studies
Masters of Social Work (Applied)

Registered with Drug and Alcohol Practitioners
Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (DAPAANZ)
as both a counsellor and clinical supervisor

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Bryce Hay Counsellor
Auckland - Drug & Alcohol Counsellor Private therapy | Evidence-based counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational, mindfulness, personal coaching

Ewan Eggleston Barrister
Tauranga - Family lawyer specialising in all aspects of family law | Trusts, estates, divorce, custody arrangements

Naked Flame Fireplaces
Auckland - Biofuel Fireplaces retailer in New Zealand | Indoor & outdoor, safe heating, modern, eco-friendly fireplaces

Hillcrest Cat Motel
Wellington - Cattery pet accommodation in Lower Hutt | Long & short stays, Wellington area, cat transport, quiet area

Kiwi Paving
Auckland - Paving Contractor for hard landscaping services | Patios, driveways, walls, commercial & residential

Titan Property
Auckland - Property leasing residential, commercial properties | Entertainment venues, retail, warehouse, office space

International Private Investigations
Tauranga - Private investigators NZ-wide | Debtor Tracing, legal Investigations, electronics, forensics & legal document services

NZ Repossession Services
Tauranga - Vehicle Repossession & recovery | Bay of Plenty, cars, trucks, bikes

Guild Wars 2 Armor Gallery
Guild Wars 2 Armor Human, Norn, Charr, Sylvari, Asura | Ascended, Light, medium, heavy, outfits

Guild Wars 2 Weapon Gallery
Guild Wars 2 Weapons one-handed, off-hand, two-handed, aquatic | Karma, cultural, dungeon, crafted, Black Lion